Meetings, Practices, and Gatherings

Winter is a sleepy time in our shire, but there's still lots to do.

Fight practices are on Tuesday nights, from 8pm till 10pm in Kelowna at the Okanagan Mission Community Hall (4409 Lakeshore Road). Contact the Master of Stables, Master of Blades or the Chatelaine for details.

A&S workshops are scheduled as interest warrants, and can cover a variety of topics. Fees are nominal but pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Watch the e-mail list, or contact the Arts and Sciences Minister, for details.

Shire meetings, where we discuss the business of running the shire, take place on the first Tuesday of every month, in Kelowna. Locations vary, so keep an eye on the e-mail list for this month's location. We generally meet at 6 or so for a "meet and greet" and visiting. The business portion of the meeting starts promptly at 7:00, and usually runs till about 8:30pm.

Don't forget to check out the yahoo group to keep current with what's happening in the shire - the link, and all the officer contact info is listed on the About Us page.