Tir Righ A&S and Bardic

Saturday & Sunday, September 28&29, 2013

Join the Principality of Tir Righ as it celebrates its craftspeople, artisans, performers and bards at the A&S and Bardic Championships!  The Shire of Danescombe welcomes all, and is proud to host this year's competition to determine our Principality Scholar and Skald. It will be a truly fantastic weekend, filled with classes, presentations, demonstrations, tournaments, fighting and performances!

Updated information, event details and class lists will be posted often, so be sure to check back regularly..

Event Schedule & Venue Map


7:00pm Site Opens for merchants & exhibitors, and site set up.

            A&S Display set up (Till 8:30pm)


8:00    Site Opens Gate opens. Latecomer set up.

9:00      Morning Court - Invocation of the A&S&B Tournament

9:30     Judges & Entrants Meeting - We request that all judges and entrants be on site at this time.  
Armoured Lists open, armour inspection begins

10:00    A&S &B Judging - round 1
 TUTR Classes - Session 1 begins (runs till 12:00)
  Armoured Tourney begins

11:00    A&S &B Judging - round 2

11:30    Armoured Tourney ends (11:45)

12:00    Break for Lunch! (till 1:00) Lunch service begins - day food for sale on site till 1:30

1:00      A&S &B Judging - round 3
TUTR Classes - Session 2 begins (runs till 3:00)

1:30      Rapier  Lists open, armour inspection begins

2:00      A&S &B Judging - round 4
Rapier Tournament begins

 3:00      A&S &B Judging - all wrapped up!
TUTR Classes - Session 3 Mini- Class begins (runs till 4:30)

4:00      Rapier Tournament Ends

4:30      Bardic Populace Presentations - Bardic Entrants will present their "Populace Choice" entries. Bardic presentations will be concluded prior to court.

5:00      Court of Their Highnesses Tir Righ, and of Her Majesty of An Tir

9:00      Pancake Breakfast!!  (runs till 10:30) Proceeds will go towards the Principality Travel Fund, so come out, and eat up!

9:30      Laurel's Meeting 
TUTR Class Track 1A (runs till 11:30)    

10:30    TUTR Class Track 1B (runs till 12:30)

10:30    Laurel Speed Dating (runs till 11:30)
FIGHTING!!  Armoured Tournament! Rapier Tournament! (Both are outdoors, rain or shine)
TUTR Meeting



2:00      Site Closes

Is not available on site, save for Royalty.  There will be a designated loading zone, for drop off of gear and people, but please be respectful of others needing the zone as well. Parking IS available on all surrounding side streets (though we recommend NOT parking on Hein Road), and a block and a half down the street at Ben Lee Park. Click here for a map of suggested parking options, or be adventurous and explore! :)

TUTR Classes!

We have a variety of TUTR Classes on offer. Check the Class Schedule, and then take look at the class descriptions for further details, and notes on supplies to bring. :) Registration for all classes will be available on site, but e-mail the Event Steward to reserve your spot, as supplies will be first come, first served.

Danescombe's Hospitality!
Danescombe is happy to host its out of town guests. If you are in need of crash space for this event, please contact the Event Stewards, and we'll do our best to connect you with a Shire memeber who has space. If you'd prefer to book a hotel close to the site, the Holiday Inn Express has kindly agreed to put a block of rooms aside for us, at a great rate of $119 per standard room. Just click on the link: Tir Righ - The Shire of Danescombe to book your room today - so easy!

Fighting and Classes and Prizes, Oh My!
Are YOU wondering why you ought to come to A&S and Bardic? There are SO many reasons! There will be an armoured PRIZE tournament, with gauntlets by Sir Kerrigan (who generously donated the time and materials to make these wonders, and was sponsored by HE Chiara Fiama), up to be won! There will be a Rapier PRIZE tourney, with a buckler donated by Maestro Guidobaldo up for grabs! There will be a PLETHORA of Classes, open to all to amaze and entertain you! There will be Merchants to shop at! 
On Sunday, we'll be hosting a Pancake Breakfast as a fundraiser for Tir Righ, and yes, there will be BACON! 
And of course, you'll also have a chance to witness all the amazing skills and talents of your Principality as several worthies vie for the Championships of Arts & Sciences, and of Bardic. 

So many reasons to come to Danescombe, how can you NOT come to this event? :)

Event Contacts

Event Steward: Porzia di Corbino Rosso (mka Leanne Witherly)
porzia@redcrowcreative.com, 250.869.7866

Co-Event Steward: HE Chiara Fiamma (mka Kendra Hesketh)
sweetsilentgirl@gmail.com, 250.869.7199

Site Info

Studio 9 Arts School, 1180 Houghton Road, Kelowna, BC.

Directions: Make your best way to Kelowna BC. From the north: turn left onto Highway 33. From the south: turn right onto Highway 33.  Turn left onto Kneller Road. This is JUST BEFORE Gerstmar. Site is at the end of the block, on Houghton Road. Parking is on side streets around the site, so please carpool wherever possible.

Site Opens: 8:00am Saturday, September 28.Friday night set up may be available for entrants and merchants - watch for updates posted to this site, and to Kingdom Calendar.
Site Closes: 3:00pm Sunday, September 29.

Site Fee Adults: $25 for adults - SCA members receive a $5 discount.
Site Fee Youth(13-18years): $10
Site Fee Children: free
Family Site Fee Cap: $50
Course fees are in addition to site fee, and are as listed.
Please make cheques payable to the Shire of Danescombe.