Tournament of Roses

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tourney of Roses 2012 Registration Form

Gentles be welcome!  The Shire of Danescombe invites you to our annual Tournament of Roses: a day dedicated to the honour and grace of our inspirations. 

Join us in Danescombe, Saturday March 17th for a day devoted to chivalry, honour, and the power of inspiration. The Shire will host tournaments to determine both Rapier and Armoured Defenders through their prowess in arms, and the grace and honour of their inspirations.  Both tournaments will be preceded by a grand processional, in which fighters will enter bearing the arms of their inspiration, and present themselves and their inspirations to the populace.  The winners of the tournaments will be heralded as Defenders of the Shire, and their Inspirations will be honoured for their role in inspiring the Defenders to their victories.

The Shire will be offering a light lunch free of charge to all those who attend the event.

Following the day of tournaments, and included in the price of admission, the Shire will also host a wondr'ous feast! Join us for an evening of food, entertainment and games as we celebrate our new Defenders, and share our hospitality with those who journey from afar to celebrate with us.

If you are journeying from out of town and require crash space, please contact the Event Steward.

Site: the East Kelowna Community Hall, 2790 East Kelowna Road, in Kelowna, BC.
Site opens at 8:30 AM, and closes at midnight. 
Site fees (including feast ticket):  Adults - $25, Youth - $15, Children (8 and under) – free. There will be a family cap of $70.

Cheques should be made payable to the Shire of Danescombe.  NMS fees will apply.

If you cannot join us for the feast, there will be a day fee, payable on-site. Adults -$18, Youth $10.

Directions:  Make your best way to Kelowna, BC.  From Highway 97 heading North, turn right onto Dilworth Drive.  Heading South on Highway 97 turn left onto Dilworth Drive.  As Dilworth crosses Springfield, it turns into Benvoulin Road - stay on Benvoulin for about 2.4km.  Turn left onto K.L.O. road, and follow K.L.O. for about 2.6km The site is on the left, at the Y intersection with McCulloch, East Kelowna and K.L.O. road.  Please park on the road, or in the ball diamond lot. There is no parking in the Convenience Store lot.


For more information, contact the Event Steward:

Porzia di Corbino Rosso (Leanne Witherly-Ryan): 5 - 535 Rosemead Ave. Kelowna, BC V1Y 5Z9, (250) 869-7866 (no calls after 9 pm please),


Event Updates!

The Feast!

Yes, there WILL be food! HL Ewein will be generously cooking for us all once again. The menu will be posted shortly, but be assured there will be plenty to eat for all, including those who are gluten-intollerant, and who are vegetarian. A sampling of the menu includes: pickled goodies, meatballs as hedgehogs, a grande salat, turnips with cheese, roast beast, and assorted finger cookies and cakes! There will be more - this is simply to tantalize you, and encourage you to buy your!!


Danescombe's Hospitality

The Shire of Danescombe has come together to offer its hospitality to our friends from other shires.  A number of our shire members have offered up crash space for those of you journeying from afar, so there's no need to worry about the cost of a hotel for the weekend. 

Please contact the Event Steward if you are in need of crash space, and I will be happy to put you in touch with one of our generous shire members. 


Pomp & Circumstance

A grand processional is planned for both tournaments.  But, with a twist - as this day is dedicated to the glory of our inspirations, fighters and their inspirations are encouraged to process in under the arms of the Inspiration.  All are encouraged to celebrate thier Inspiration with banner, flag or shield. If your Inspiration does not have arms of their own, use your creativity to show how much they mean to you. 


A Message from the Armoured Champion:

Greetings unto the populace of the Shire of Danescombe. At the Tournament of Roses Armoured Tournament ot choose the next Armoured Champion for the shire, there will be many opportunities to honour and exalt the wonders of our inspirations while we fighters take to the feild of combat. At this tournament all entrants are required to display the arms or a heraldic representation of their inspiration. Failure to do so will result in combatants to publicly extoll the reasons why their inspiration is so important ot them upon the field of combat.

The heavy champions tournament will have different parts to it. As the current champion, I have invited Arkill Macmillan (Squire to his Majesty King Ieuan, member of the Wolfpack, and on vigil for knighthood), to assist with running a Pas des Arms. Having a Pas is to honour Their Majesties, as Their personas are of tournament culture. The Pas will be the first protion of the Champions tournament. Weapons and explanation will be provided prior to the start of the tournament. Please ensure that all entrants have the proper authorizations for the various weapons-styles that will be used during the Pas.

The second portion of the tournament will be of a secretive nature. This portion will test the cunning and the abilities of combatants and will seat each combatant into the third and final portion of the tournament.

The third portion of the tournament will be a single elimination tournament. Upon the completion of the tournament, combatants will present their inspirations and explain to the populace how their inspiration helped them this day. best of luck in preparing for the Tournament of Roses.

Yours in service,
Steinn Vikingsson
Tanist, Tir Righ
Heavy Champion of Danescombe.